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Why Join

The advantages of joining a support group are limitless.
Following are some of the best reasons to join:
  • Share common experiences and learn coping strategies
  • Explore and share solutions to problems
  • Find emotional outlets and receive support from peers
  • Form new friendships and discover a sense of community
  • Develop new skills through education
  • Help others while still helping yourself

Cliff, Age 56
Seven years after diagnosis

"At the very first meeting of GPS, other members spoke of a new Parkinson's medication. My neurologist agreed to let me try it and it has changed my life. Without GPS, I would not have known about it."

When in trouble, one of the smartest things anyone can do is to tap into a social support system. No one person can do it alone, especially when that person has Parkinson's Disease.

There is another important benefit that a support group can provide. People facing similar experiences need to find hope for the future, laugh about the "humorous" aspects of their lives, enjoy social activities and have fun together! What better group of people could you connect with than those who walk in the same shoes?


There is a lot you can do and at least one very good reason to do  it.  Many  neurologists  report that symptom deterioration is often significantly slower in those who take a positive and proactive stance toward their condition than those who do not. There are various methods that help enormously to remain upbeat about life.

Aside from working with your doctor on an ongoing plan involving medications, the most important thing you can do is exercise. Swimming, walking, yoga and Tai Chi are favorites.

Neurologists recommend a similar regimen for the mind. Engage in challenging activities that you enjoy, such as classes, artwork, travel, community work, PD advocacy work.

Stress reduction is a must-stress worsens every PD symptom. The source of stress is different for everyone. Take care of yourself.

Connect with others and seek counseling if needed. Don't become isolated. Pick up the phone, send email, join a group!

Learn all you can about PD-Read, talk to others, listen to the radio, explore the internet. Knowledge is power.

Ask your doctor questions and be an advocate for yourself. PD is different for everyone and you can't get the best care unless you are specific about what you experience.
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